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PCS COMPLETE does it all.
It lets you combine travel, entertainment and general business expenses in one payment card - and gives you the online tools you need to manage your card payments and expense receipts effectively and efficiently.
Whatever size your business is today (or becomes in the future), PCS COMPLETE gives you the flexibility you need to control your business purchases, manage your expense receipts and recover the VAT that was spent on travel expenses & services from foreign suppliers.

More simple we cannot make it

Your employees pay their corporate expenses with their PCS Corporate MasterCard®.

They take a picture of the expense receipt using the PCS XPNS App on their smartphone and……it’s done!

Within seconds both the card payment and the expense receipt are booked in your company’s accounting system.

No more hassle with expense reimbursement, petty cash, daily cash and paper receipts. And, PCS Complete keeps your accountancy up-to-date
at all times.


Gain Time

Check below example and see the amount of time your accountancy department will save by using PCS Complete:


Control Abuse

Check below example and verify the way your company is in control of the risk of abuse by using PCS Complete:





Twenty BILLION Euros is the amount of money which is left unclaimed in foreign VAT on travel expenses and foreign services every single year.

Although VAT can be reclaimed from employee travel expenses and from foreign suppliers (including digital services) throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Taiwan, many companies do not even bother to reclaim the VAT.

The complexity of the qualifying laws and the elaborate application procedures that vary from region to region make it extremely time consuming to submit the VAT reclaim applications to the relevant tax authorities.
Over and above this hassle, the language barriers make this procedure even more complicated.

In order to receive a full tax rebate, it is clear that companies need the help of specialists in this specific field.

CreaCard is proud to announce that it has entered into a partnership with VAT IT, the international leader in domestic and foreign VAT and tax recovery.

VAT IT has over 16 years’ experience in maximizing tax recovery. VAT IT provides an end-to-end solution powered by their cutting-edge, proprietary technology that ensures full compliance with every imaginable international rule and regulation.
With 27 international hubs, VAT IT is servicing 8.000 companies in over 100 countries and has an in-depth knowledge of the tax offices’ systems and legislation in these countries.

CreaCard’s partnership with VAT IT will enable our customers to reclaim the VAT associated with travel and foreign services (including digital services) easily and efficiently.

What does this mean for you, as a PCS Complete subscriber?

By using the PCS Corporate MasterCard and PCS XPNS, a much easier reclamation of VAT on both foreign and domestic travel expenses.

Much easier reclamation of VAT on services from foreign suppliers (including digital).

An average 20% reduction of your company’s travel and foreign services expenses.

No financial risk: Only pay for results!

PCS Complete subscribers only pay a percentage of successful claims. No recovery means no fee to pay.
Percentage payable will be determined per individual case.



The monthly fee for a full service PCS Complete Account is

€9,90 per user

Based on a yearly subscription of minimum 5 users