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about us

It was in 2010 when Philip Aïm and Philippe Boulakia founded CreaCard S.A. and launched the very first prepaid payment card into the French market.

The PCS MasterCard®

Since it’s take off, the PCS MasterCard took the market by storm, soon to become the No.1 prepaid payment card in France.

By the end of 2015, over 800.000 cards were sold through the 35.000 nationwide points of sales.

In 2014, CreaCard introduced the PCS MasterCard into Spain and since day one, the volume of PCS MasterCard is experiencing a tremendous growth.

PCS MasterCard is currently available in over 17.000 points of sales in Spain.

The launch of PCS MasterCard into Belgium is planned for the second part of 2016.


Since 2010, the range of different PCS MasterCards has been growing as well.

Next to the ‘original’ PCS Black Card, nowadays the PCS MasterCard is also available as PCS Infinity (Gold) and as PCS Chrome.

The PCS Black Card has a validity of 2 years and may hold a maximum balance of €10,000,00 (when Premium*)

The golden PCS Infinity Card has a validity of 3 years and may hold a maximum balance of €15.000,00. (when Premium*)

The PCS Chrome Card has a validity of 1 year and may hold a maximum balance of €6.500,00 (when Premium*)

*Premium means KYC-approved.


In response to the ongoing demand from the corporate market, in the spring of 2016 CreaCard S.A. has started to commercialize the PCS Corporate MasterCard.

A corporate payment card, especially developed for companies that want to simplify the daily hassle of petty cash and cash advances but at the same time, stay on top of their employees’ spending behavior.

The PCS Corporate MasterCard in combination with our unique expense receipt management program PCS XPNS will, without any doubt, become the next success story for CreaCard S.A.