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PCS Corporate Solutions

PCS Corporate Solutions is a trademark of CreaCard S.A.

Since 2010, CreaCard is the expert in personal as well as corporate payment cards and offers a state of the art expense management solution that can easily be integrated with your company’s existing accounting system.

From our headquarters in Paris (France), we deliver corporate payment cards and expense management solutions to corporations, small and large, from all over Europe.

Find out how we can help you to simplify and optimize the expense management of your organization.



PCS Corporate MasterCard®

PCS Corporate MasterCard is a flexible, safe and convenient corporate payment card.

No more hassle with petty cash and cash advances.
It allows you to set individual spending limits for each of your employees.

Avoid the risk of unpleasant surprises: PCS Corporate MasterCard has no connection with your company’s bank account.

PCS Corporate MasterCard is the ideal corporate payment solution.



PCS XPNS is the ultimate expense receipt management solution for companies, entrepreneurs, consultants but also for employees.

PCS XPNS is very easy to use and its primary goal is to have full control and to save a significant amount of time in managing expense receipts.

Avoid manual input and errors. PCS XPNS scans your receipts and extracts all data such as merchant name, amount and currency used.


PCS Complete

A unique and securecombination of the PCS Corporate MasterCard,
the PCS XPNS expense management software and a state of the art, simple to use App.
PCS VAT RECLAIM will reclaim the VAT that has been paid on travel expenses and on services of foreign suppliers.

No more confusion about allowed expenses or spending limits.
No hassle with paper receipts and no more headaches from reclaiming your VAT.
Ensure that your organization's expense policies are enforced.

PCS Corporate MasterCard in combination with PCS XPNS and
PCS VAT RECLAIM completely cover your company’s expense management.



PCS Corporate Solutions for companies of all sizes. Large or small.

PCS Corporate MasterCard is accepted at over 35 million locations and serves your company’s employees in over 210 countries and territories worldwide.

Immediate replacement for lost or stolen cards.

Full synchronization between PCS Corporate MasterCard and PCS XPNS.

Efficient, time saving and easy to use for all.

Set spending limits, no overdraft possible and no connection with your company’s bank account

PCS XPNS in charge of your company’s complete expense receipt management flow


Digitize your receipts on the go!
Upload receipts with the PCS XPNS mobile app.
PCS XPNS scans the content and reads out all relevant data. ​